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What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on the size and weight of your order. But for a standard order up to 10kg we charge (excl. VAT):

 Shipping costs
Albania€ 19,00
Andorra€ 19,00
Austria€ 13,00
Belarus€ 19,00
Belgium€ 13,00
Bosnia and Herzegovina€ 19,00
Bulgaria€ 19,00
Croatia€ 19,00
Cyprus€ 19,00
Czech Republic€ 19,00
Denmark€ 13,00
Estonia€ 19,00
Finland€ 19,00
France€ 13,00
Germany€ 13,00
Greece€ 19,00
Hungary€ 19,00
Iceland€ 19,00
Ireland€ 19,00
Italy€ 13,00
Latvia€ 19,00
Liechtenstein€ 19,00
Lithuania€ 19,00
Luxembourg€ 13,00
Macedonia€ 19,00
Malta€ 19,00
Moldavia€ 19,00
Monaco€ 13,00
Montenegro€ 19,00
Norway€ 19,00
Poland€ 19,00
Portugal€ 19,00
Romania€ 19,00
San Marino€ 19,00
Serbia€ 19,00
Slovakia€ 19,00
Slovenia€ 19,00
Spain€ 13,00
Sweden€ 19,00
Switzerland€ 19,00
The Netherlands€ 6,95
Turkey€ 19,00
Ukraine€ 19,00
United Kingdom (GB)€ 19,00
Vatican City€ 19,00

For special orders or for deliveries outside the countries mentioned above, shipping costs may differ.

When will I receive my order?

All refrigeration components on our website have their own delivery time. In addition, we are dependent on the speed of our parcel deliverers. Check the table below for the expected shipping time to your country:

 Shipping time
Albania3-6 working days
Andorra5-7 working days
Austria3-5 working days
Belarus4-15 working days
Belgium1-2 working days
Bosnia and Herzegovina6-12 working days
Bulgaria4-6 working days
Croatia5-8 working days
Cyprus4-7 working days
Czech Republic3-6 working days
Denmark2-3 working days
Estonia4-6 working days
Finland3-6 working days
France2-4 working days
Germany2-3 working days
Greece3-6 working days
Hungary3-6 working days
Iceland4-10 working days
Ireland2-4 working days
Italy2-5 working days
Latvia3-6 working days
Liechtenstein3-5 working days
Lithuania4-6 working days
Luxembourg1-2 working days
Macedonia5-15 working days
Malta3-6 working days
Moldavia4-8 working days
Monaco2-4 working days
Montenegro4-14 working days
Norway5-12 working days
Poland2-4 working days
Portugal3-5 working days
Romania3-6 working days
San Marino5-8 working days
Serbia5-7 working days
Slovakia3-6 working days
Slovenia2-4 working days
Spain3-5 working days
Sweden2-5 working days
Switzerland3-4 working days
The Netherlands1 working day
Turkey5-14 working days
Ukraine7-11 working days
United Kingdom (GB)5-7 working days
Vatican City5-8 working days

My order was delivered in a recycled box, why?

More than 80% of our deliveries are shipped in the boxes and with the protective material, which we have received from our suppliers. A sustainable solution, with which we limit our own waste production and therewith harm the environment a lot less. We realize that our packaging will not always earn the beauty prize as a result, but we hope for your understanding. Naturally, we still ensure that our shipments are properly and securely packed, so that the refrigeration parts ordered by you arrive undamaged.

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